Yearly Archives: 2012

reStomp re-amping box

Update: reStomp re-ampers now available for sale in the shop. I had an enquiry about re-amping and decided to look into the idea more closely. Traditionally, when recording a guitar (particularly an electric guitar), it is usual to experiment with the combination of guitar, pickups, effects and amplifier to get the required sound and record… Read More »

True bypass with latching relay

Update: Remote controlling the True Bypass here. Update: SMD version here. Update: True Bypass Relay with muting here. Update: True Bypass kits are available to buy in the shop here. Update: True Bypass bare PCB’s now available for sale here. I have used Arduino over the last twelve months or so for a couple of… Read More »

Altoids piezo DI revisited

I’ve had some interest in and feedback for my Altoids Piezo DI box and I have revised the design sufficiently to warrant a new post.  The new design has the following changes from the previous version: 1/4″ jacks on input and output Low-voltage monitor (TC54) on the battery supply Higher voltage zener (33V) Increase R7… Read More »

Hybrid chorus with MN3007

I wanted an analogue chorus-pedal for my modular stomp-box and after acquiring a few MN3007’s from Hong Kong, I decided to build the Hollis Zombie Chorus as a starter-for-ten – which I did – and I was a bit disappointed with the result.  It may be that the PCB design was sub-optimal or some component… Read More »

Altoids piezo pre-amp

Update: Fully built and tested Altoids Piezo Preamps are available for sale in the shop here. I’ve been taking my Altoids piezo DI box to open mic nights and have had some interest and feedback.  People seem to like the concept but are less impressed with the balanced output and phantom power – which is… Read More »

Low-battery monitor with TC54 voltage detector

Update: Adding an output transistor – see below. So you’d kind of like to know when the battery in your stompbox  is getting a bit flat but you’re not sure how to proceed. The first problem is that you don’t want your low-battery monitoring circuit to make a significant contribution to battery drain – which… Read More »

Altoids piezo DI box

There is an update to this article here. As I mentioned in my post on the vagaries of phantom power, I have been looking at designs for a compact self-contained box to connect an upright bass to the PA.  The bass pick-up in question is a piezo jobbie integrated into the bridge like the Fishman… Read More »

Phantom power – it’s spooky!

I’ve been looking at the design of direct injection (DI) boxes with a view to making a phantom-powered piezo preamp for a friend who has acquired an acoustic bass with a passive piezo pickup but doesn’t have a preamp for it.  He’s tried plugging it straight into the mixer – but has experienced major tone-suckage… Read More »