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JFET guitar/instrument buffer pedal

Following on from our articles on the Unbalanced piezo preamp and Guitar leads, buffers and true bypass we present a project to build your own JFET buffer pedal. The circuit is essentially the same as in the unbalanced piezo preamp with a few tweaks and may be built into a Hammond 1590B or similar stomp-box… Read More »

Re-amper revisited

Update: reStomp re-ampers available for sale in the shop. Back in 2012, I wrote about re-amping and offered a design for a transformer-coupled interface between balanced-line output from a professional recording device and the unbalanced and lower-voltage input to a guitar amplifier. If you’re not familiar with re-amping, the idea is that you record (say)… Read More »

Passive Dummy Load Project

Following on from my previous blogs about Connecting Loudspeakers to Amplifiers and Passive Dummy Loads for Amplifiers here is a project for a modest passive dummy load with a twist – I have included a differential ‘scope probe to facilitate monitoring of the signal on an oscilloscope. I managed to score a new-old-stock Grayhill switch… Read More »

True Bypass Relay SMD

We don’t do much SMD (surface mounted) work here at Stompville. When it comes to the True Bypass Relay however, smaller may just be better, so we designed and built a surface-mount version to see how small we can realistically make it – and the answer is about 30% smaller. That is 30% smaller on… Read More »

Matching JFETs – Revisited

Update: Kits available in the shop here. I finally got round to revisiting the manual JFET matcher project.  Please take a look at the earlier article and refresh yourself on the details of the three tests we can perform to help match JFETs: Vgs(off) – which we approach with a gate-source resistance of 10M Ohms… Read More »