Monthly Archives: April 2012

True bypass with latching relay

Update: Remote controlling the True Bypass here. Update: SMD version here. Update: True Bypass Relay with muting here. Update: True Bypass kits are available to buy in the shop here. I have used Arduino over the last twelve months or so for a couple of projects and I have been looking for an excuse to… Read More »

Altoids piezo DI revisited

I’ve had some interest in and feedback for my Altoids Piezo DI box and I have revised the design sufficiently to warrant a new post.  The new design has the following changes from the previous version: 1/4″ jacks on input and output Low-voltage monitor (TC54) on the battery supply Higher voltage zener (33V) Increase R7… Read More »

Hybrid chorus with MN3007

I wanted an analogue chorus-pedal for my modular stomp-box and after acquiring a few MN3007’s from Hong Kong, I decided to build the Hollis Zombie Chorus as a starter-for-ten – which I did – and I was a bit disappointed with the result.  It may be that the PCB design was sub-optimal or some component… Read More »