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OnSemi 2SK596S Low Noise JFETs

UPDATE: The 2SK596S is discontinued from OnSemi. I bought some 2SK596S-C low noise JFETs. The device comes in a type SPA (SC-72) package similar to TO-92 (shown above on the right for comparison) and is otherwise notable for having very low Idss. It seems there were originally two versions of the 2SK596S (ranks A and… Read More »

Matching JFETs – Revisited

Update: Kits available in the shop here. I finally got round to revisiting the manual JFET matcher project.  Please take a look at the earlier article and refresh yourself on the details of the three tests we can perform to help match JFETs: Vgs(off) – which we approach with a gate-source resistance of 10M Ohms… Read More »