Re-amper revisited

By | June 15, 2016

Update: reStomp re-ampers available for sale in the shop.

Back in 2012, I wrote about re-amping and offered a design for a transformer-coupled interface between balanced-line output from a professional recording device and the unbalanced and lower-voltage input to a guitar amplifier. If you’re not familiar with re-amping, the idea is that you record (say) an electric guitar clean so that you can replay the guitar performance into various amps and effects chains to get the sound you want without losing the quality of a particular performance.

Recently, I had a commission for a batch of re-ampers and I have a few left over which I have put up for general sale in the shop.

The design closely follows the original but has been implemented slightly differently here and there. I have done extensive lab work to ensure that the matching network is optimal and each unit is individually checked.


You may note in the above photo the output jack is stereo. Don’t be misled, the jack is wired mono for connection to a normal guitar lead.




You can buy one here. svfavicon.png

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