True Bypass Relay SMD

By | June 29, 2015

We don’t do much SMD (surface mounted) work here at Stompville. When it comes to the True Bypass Relay however, smaller may just be better, so we designed and built a surface-mount version to see how small we can realistically make it – and the answer is about 30% smaller.


That is 30% smaller on the size – the prototype is 26mm x 20mm versus 28 x 26mm for the through-hole version – and also on the thickness – 7.7 versus 11.2mm. Since making the prototype, we’ve had a look at the PCB design and got it down to 26 x 19mm – 34% smaller than the through-hole version.

Not sure whether to go ahead and order PCBs – we don’t see much mileage in doing SMD as a kit and we don’t have the facilities to economically assemble boards. If anybody is interested in buying trade quantities, let me know and we’ll look at outsourcing them.  Alternatively, if there is enough interest in a kit, I’ll get some PCB’s made and you can build ’em yourself. Email me or leave comments below.  PageLines- svfavicon.png

Kits for the through-hole version are available in the shop here.

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