Phantom Piezo Preamp – new version available

Updated 1st December 2019 Updated 10 May 2018 Updated 1 June 2018 December 2019. Time moves on and the PF5102 has been discontinued by On-Semiconductor and is nearly unobtainium. It looks like the J111/J112/J113 are the only TO-92 JFETS suitable for our purposes. We are currently sampling the J113. Some Piezo Preamps will be shipped… Read More »

Balanced piezo transducers

I was asked to comment on whether the Phantom Piezo Preamp (available in the shop here) is suitable for connecting to a balanced piezo transducer as covered by Chrisitan Liljedahl here. The short answers is yes, absolutely – the Phantom Piezo Preamp has balanced input and output and effectively you connect a single or double… Read More »

Protecting piezo preamps

I had an enquiry (which which puzzled me slightly) about using LED’s to protect the input of the Phantom Piezo Preamp (available to buy in the shop here). However it was noted that if a piezo transducer is dropped onto a hard surface, the voltage spike generated could be high enough to damage downstream electronics.… Read More »

Altoids piezo DI revisited

I’ve had some interest in and feedback for my Altoids Piezo DI box and I have revised the design sufficiently to warrant a new post.  The new design has the following changes from the previous version: 1/4″ jacks on input and output Low-voltage monitor (TC54) on the battery supply Higher voltage zener (33V) Increase R7… Read More »

Altoids piezo pre-amp

Update: Fully built and tested Altoids Piezo Preamps are available for sale in the shop here. I’ve been taking my Altoids piezo DI box to open mic nights and have had some interest and feedback.  People seem to like the concept but are less impressed with the balanced output and phantom power – which is… Read More »

Altoids piezo DI box

There is an update to this article here. As I mentioned in my post on the vagaries of phantom power, I have been looking at designs for a compact self-contained box to connect an upright bass to the PA.  The bass pick-up in question is a piezo jobbie integrated into the bridge like the Fishman… Read More »