Altoids Piezo Preamp

Piezo Preamp for your Pocket
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Stompville piezo preamp built into an Altoids tin. Suitable for passive piezo transducers (violin, cello, double bass, cajon, stompbox, percussion, mandolin, ukelele, etc.), homebrew hydrophones, and preventing tone suckage on your electric guitar.

9V battery-powered with very low power consumption and low-battery LED light.

Professionally hand-built from a tried and tested design using closely matched JFET transistors. Extremely low distortion and noise. Supplied with user guide. Battery not included.

Please note that the preamp is built into a genuine used Altoids tin and the tin will likely not be in perfect condition. Please expect small scuffs and dents and minor damage to the paint finish. Such imperfections are not to be considered manufacturing defects of the Piezo Preamp and are not cause for product returns.

Battery not included.
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  • Model: SV802
  • Manufacturer: Myriad Design