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Phantom Piezo Preamp V2 Enclosed.
Phantom-powered Piezo Preamp.
Phantom Piezo Preamp (SV806)
Phantom Piezo Preamp V2 fully enclosed with 3.5mm input jack and XLR output jack.

This is the same design as the tried-and-tested Phantom Piezo Preamp V2 Module. We have reworked the design to fit into an extruded aluminium enclosure which is only 73.5mm (2.9") long.

There is a balanced input on stereo 3.5mm jack which can be wired unbalanced if required and a balanced output on XLR which should be connected to your portable recorder, mixing desk or DAW which provides phantom power (preferably 48V).

This preamp is suitable for connecting directly to piezo transducers and is ideal for musical/art installations, hydrophones, custom/bespoke percussion instruments, stomp boxes, tap dance, clog dance boards, etc.

The preamp takes the place of a DI box and provides about 12dB of voltage gain.The professionally hand-built and tested preamp unit is supplied on its own with user guide, but without input or output leads or accessories.

We carry parts in stock to make more preamps so if you require more preamps than are available, please email and we can build a batch to order. Lead time is generally a few days.
Phantom Piezo Preamp V2 Enclosed.
Phantom Piezo Preamp V2 (SV206 (with XLR), SV207 (no XLR))
New model with J113 JFETs and incorporating zener diode input protection.

Professional-quality hand-built piezo preamp module for building into stompboxes, cajons, cigar-box guitars, etc Low distortion, very low noise, wide-bandwidth matched-JFET preamp with XLR output.

  • Suitable for direct connection to mixing console with balanced microphone input and phantom power.
  • Takes away the need for external DI box/preamp.
  • Complete with input cable for direct connection to Piezo transducer element and mounting screws for XLR socket.

Notes: Piezo transducer element not supplied. You will need to fully shield the inside of your instrument using copper foil tape or alternatively mount the unit in a shielded enclosure.

We sell many of these preamps to artists creating installation pieces where they are used to facitlitate musical interactivity between the public and the installation piece. They have also been used for custom mulit-channel electro-percussion instruments.

We sell many of these preamps for use as preamplifier for hydrophone transducers.

Available as an option with the XLR connector not supplied as often customers wish to solder the output cable directly to the printed circuit board.

Phantom-powered Piezo Preamp.
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