Unbalanced Piezo Preamp

Unbalanced piezo preamp module.

Professional-quality hand-built piezo preamp module for building into stompboxes, cajons, cigar-box guitars, hydrophones, etc.

Low distortion, very low noise, wide bandwidth matched-JFET preamp with high impedance unbalanced input and 1/4" jack unbalanced output.

  • Suitable for direct connection to mixing console/DAW/Amplifier.
  • Solder connections for piezo element.
  • Panel-mounted via 11mm (7/16") hole.
  • Supplied with 9V battery clip.

This product requires a power supply which may be derived from a standard 9V battery or a regulated, smoothed d.c. power supply with a voltage between 4V and 24V. A power supply voltage between 9V and 18V is recommended.

Note: Piezo transducer element not supplied. Murata 7BB-35-3 recommended. You will also need to fully shield the inside of your instrument using copper foil tape or install the preamp in a shielded enclosure.

Download the user guide from downloads tab.

  • Availability: 2 In Stock
  • Model: SV202
  • Manufacturer: Myriad Design