2SK170BL Matched Pair

Toshiba 2SK170BL N-channel JFET TO-92 - Matched Pair
Toshiba 2SK170BL N-channel JFET TO-92 - Matched Pair.

***Note - obsolete part - limited availability - not for new designs***

2SK170BL - N-Channel Low-Frequency Low-Noise Amplifier pair matched for Vgs(off) and within 0.1mA (typically ~0.05mA) variation on Idss.

Supplied with Stompville test data.

Note: these items have been sourced from China (not a Toshiba approved distributor) and provenance is not proven. However, the supplies we have at Stompville appear to be legitimate and test within Toshiba published specifications.

Note: If you re-test Stompville items against Stompville-supplied data, the results you get will depend on the test voltage, prevailing room temperature and for how long you apply current to the devices (which will affect Idss as the device heats up). The important issue is that the pair will be closely matched to each other even if they are not exactly the Stompville values.
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  • Model: SV616
  • Manufacturer: Myriad Design