JFET Matcher Kit

JFET Matcher V7 kit.
For matching N-channel and P-channel JFETS in TO-92 and similar packages.

Matched for Vgs(off), Vgs(10k) and Idss.

Kit contains PCB, components and mechanical bits to build a JFET matcher. Supplied with quick-start guide. Download the full construction and user guide from the downloads tab.

Note that we are now shipping FET7V3 PCBs. Earlier PCBs are coded FET7V1 or FET7V2. Please download the appropriate construction guide.

Included in the kit:
    • Printed circuit board
    • All active and passive components.

Hardware not included:
  • Enclosure
  • Battery (alkaline 9V MN1604/6LR61/PP3)
  • Multimeter 4mm to 4mm test leads
  • Mains power adapter

Disclaimer: The ZIF socket supplied in the kit has been sourced from the far east. It is not a genuine 3M Textool part. 3M and Textool are trademarks of 3M, Inc. Their rights are hereby acknowleged.
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  • Model: SV104
  • Manufacturer: Myriad Design