A-B Selector Kit

A-B selector with true bypass kit.

Use this kit to provide selection and bypass for your 2-stage effects pedal project.

The design requires 2 momentary action switches, 2 LEDs and M3 mounting hardware in addition to the components provided.

This design has two latching relays. The first relay provides overall bypass and the second relay provides A-B selection. With the unit in bypass, stomping the A-switch puts the pedal into A-mode. Stomping A-switch again goes back to bypass. With the unit in bypass, stomping the B-switch put the pedal into B-mode. Stomping the B-switch again goes back to bypass. If the unit is in A-mode, stomping the B switch goes to B-mode and vice versa.

This means you can switch between two effects or two versions of the same effect with only one stomp.


  • Supply Voltage range 9-20V d.c.
  • Low voltage indicator at 7.3V.
  • Low voltage indicator may be omitted making supply voltage range 7-30V d.c.
  • Dimensions 37mm x 50mm with 39mm mounting centre.
  • Approx 14mm high (excluding stand-off). 

Download a construction and user guide from the downloads tab.

  • Availability: 5 In Stock
  • Model: SV105
  • Manufacturer: Myriad Design